Tools for Changing Habits

Changing habits can be hard!

Here are some tools that can help you with the process of renewing your mind and changing your thoughts/ beliefs to help you change your habits.


Hypnosis can form an important part of overcoming your habit or addiction in that it can help you visualise new thoughts and behaviours for yourself. Hypnosis will not change you miraculously or overnight, however you can use it along with the strategies taught in this book to successfully change your habit.

The programs recommended below are by certified medical professionals.


Meditation is not just for monks! It is for anyone wanting greater health, peace and well being.

Meditation is shown to have a positive impact on health and well being such as reduced stress and blood pressure, improved brain functioning, improved ability to concentrate and focus, improved creativity and clarity, a greater sense of peace and calmness, feelings of happiness and love towards others.

Meditation is a great tool to use whilst changing habits. It is always easier to make changes to our lives and routines when we are in a relaxed, peaceful frame of mind than when we are worried, anxious or stressed out. Meditation can also serve to relieve any stress that might arise as you change your habit.

During the act of meditation you can solidify your habit change by focusing on a positive phrase, word or affirmation consistent with your habit change.

I have been meditating using Centerpointe meditation CD’s for a number of years and can attest for all the above benefits and more. It just makes you feel great. It will completely revive you after a long or stressful day.

These CD’s are not part of any religious sect or practice. The CD’s play peaceful, relaxing music whilst emitting sound waves that put your brain in a relaxed alpha state. Your brain naturally goes into this state when you fall asleep.

Visit their website for a free sample CD.


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