Self Awareness Tips to Break Bad Habits

Self awareness is an important tool to help you break bad habits.

After all… You can’t change something you’re not aware of!

By nature, habits are performed without conscious awareness. It is therefore essential to first gain awareness around them.

We did not consciously choose many of our habits but simply adopted the thoughts, beliefs and patterns of those around us or acquired them randomly based on experiences regardless of whether these beliefs are actually true or whether the habits will serve us.

You therefore need to develop self awareness to identify bad habits you need to break & good habits you want to create.

What is currently working in your life? What is not? What would you like to change?

Our environment and other people are always providing feedback on what is and isn’t working in our lives. You can also gain greater awareness through God, self reflection, journaling, asking other people, books, programs, courses etc.

In short however, the results we currently have in our lives are a direct result of habits we have or haven’t created.

For example, the reason you might be overweight is that you haven’t yet developed the habits of healthy eating and exercise. Or the reason you might have less money than you would like is because you haven’t yet developed the habits of regular saving, investing or creating wealth through other means.

Take a look at your life and think about what habits would help you achieve an important goal.

Once you have identified a habit you wish to make or break, you then need to develop awareness around the habit itself. You need to know when, why, how and where you do your habit (or don’t do it when you could have).

This will help to develop a baseline for current behaviour and also help to clearly define the problem, likely causes and solutions.

For example, if you know overeating occurs when you are feeling bored, lonely or depressed, you can form new positive strategies for dealing with these situations. Observe your habit for a week or more and get some data on when, why, how and where you do your habit.
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