Improve your ROI (Return on Information) with good habits!

Great ideas are a time a dozen. You have thousands of them each day. I bet right now you can think of 10 things that if you could get yourself to do them regularly would have a profound, positive impact on your life.

In our society, lack of information on how to solve our problems is not the ‘problem’. We are bombarded with information daily. There are thousands of books on every topic imaginable and millions of websites teaming with information. Has this amazing availability of information improved our lives?

Maybe… It depends on whether you actually use it. We all know that exercise is good for us but how many of us actually do it?
The saying that ‘knowledge is power’ is true ONLY if we have the ability to act upon it.

Perhaps you have experienced the same thing I have – attending a marvellous conference or seminar, then doing absolutely NOTHING with the information you were given!

Unfortunately, if we don’t DO something with the information we are given, it was largely pointless to consume.
1 average idea successfully implemented is worth a dozen brilliant ideas rattling around in your brain.

And what’s the easiest way to implement your ideas? If they are something you want to do every day – turn them into habits!
You can also turn ACTING on new ideas and information into a habit.

Never let the ‘great seminar, shame I never did anything about it’ phenomena ever happen to you again!

Download your free e-book summary “7 Steps to Make or Break Habits” to learn how to develop great habits below.


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    this site is very very important for us of the third world with little or no opportunity for studies in these fields of study.

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