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Break bad habits, create good habits

Don’t let bad habits ruin your health, relationships, finances, career or spiritual life any longer. Break free of:

  • binge eating / food addictions
  • smoking /alcohol/caffeine addictions
  • procrastination / laziness
  • stealing /gossiping / lying / cheating
  • excessive or misuse of TV/Internet/ computer games
  • nail biting / nervous habits
  • negative thinking / negative self talk / complaining

Start to replace your bad habits with positive new habits such as:

  • Waking up early
  • Regular exercise
  • Healthy eating habits
  • Learn a new skill/ hobby
  • Journaling / writing / reading
  • Bible reading or prayer
  • Positive work  or study habits
  • Work on important goals or business idea
  • Networking
  • Meditation/ affirmations / visualisation

Replacing bad habits with good habits will help you achieve goals such as:

  • getting out of debt/ saving for retirement / becoming financially secure / purchase a new home
  • getting fit / eating better / losing weight
  • traveling the world / enjoying more leisure time
  • starting a relationship / getting married / making new friends
  • improve relationships with children/ spouse/friends
  • Better spiritual life / less stress
  • earn a degree / start a business

How it works…

Whatever you do on a regular basis will determine your results in life. Bad habits lead to poor results, good habits will take you towards your goals.

The key to achieving your goals is consistent ‘permanent’ positive actions, NOT once of behaviours.

For example, to achieve (and maintain) your goal weight you need to develop the ‘permanent’ habits of healthy eating and regular exercise. Permanent change = permanent results – in contrast to fad or ‘crash’ diets that can’t be sustained over the long term.

Developing good habits will put your goals on ‘autopilot’ as once you have established good habits, you no longer have to consciously ‘think’ about or motivate yourself to take action – you do it automatically.

Sounds good to me!

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Break bad habits, create good habits

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