Break Bad Habits and Develop Positive Habits in as little as 21 days!

Dear Habit Changer,

Do you have a bad habit that is ruining your health, relationships, finances, career or preventing you from achieving your true potential?

Examples include:

• binge eating • smoking • alcohol addictions • caffeine addictions
• procrastination • stealing • gossiping • lying • cheating
• excessive or misuse of TV/Internet/ computer games • nail biting
• negative thinking • negative self talk • complaining

The problem with bad habits…

Bad habits rob us of our potential and leave us feeling sad, angry, depressed, hopeless, frustrated and alone. Bad habits can hold us in such bondage that we wonder if we’ll ever be free to live the full and incredible lives we were born to live.

Of course we didn’t consciously CHOOSE our bad habits. You never meant for your habit to cause pain to those you love, or to ruin your finances or destroy your career. Most habits we picked up by accident from family, friends, our environment or to relieve some stress or pressure we at one time felt. By the time we realised we HAD formed a bad habit, it was nearly impossible to change.

This is because habits are near ‘permanent’ routine behaviours done on a regular basis. Many of these are unconscious as we don’t even realise we are doing them.
“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they’re too strong to be broken”
Samuel Johnson

Learn how you can turn your life around by eliminating bad habits and adopting new positive habits…

The good news is that even the WORST habits can be changed when applying the correct strategies and techniques.

Bad habits may have been holding you back for years but you now have the opportunity to leave them behind in just 21 days and walk into an exciting new future.

NO LONGER do you have to be the victim of your previous bad habits and choices. You CAN change and create a better future for yourself and your family. In addition you can actually create GOOD HABITS to replace your old negative ones!

Good habits are your t
icket to the life you always wanted!

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit”
Whilst bad habits will destroy your future, GOOD HABITS will help you achieve any goal you desire such as:
• getting out of debt • saving for retirement • becoming financially secure
• getting fit • eating better • losing weight • traveling the world
• starting a relationship • getting married • enjoying more leisure time
• improve relationships with children/ spouse/friends
• purchase a new home • earn a degree • start a business
Break bad habits, create good habits
Join high achieving sportspeople, millionaire entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, corporate executives…

Successful people have ‘success’ habits and unsuccessful people have ‘failure’ habits. In fact, achieving success in any area usually REQUIRES that you develop the necessary habits before you reach your goal!

Can you imagine someone reaching the highest levels of sporting achievement without first developing the habits of regular practise and training? Unlikely! In fact many top sportspeople will declare that it was not their natural ability that got them to the top but their commitment to practise and training that set them above their peers.

Permanent changes create permanent results…

To achieve great results you need to take CONSISTENT ‘permanent’ action, NOT rely on once-off behaviours.

For example, you can’t expect to eat a healthy meal and exercise once and instantly be at your goal weight. If you want to PERMANENTLY lose weight, you need to develop the HABITS of healthy eating and regular exercise that you do on a regular basis. By creating permanent changes you will create PERMANENT RESULTS – this is in contrast to going on fad or ‘crash’ diets that can’t be sustained over the long term and as a result all the weight that was lost is quickly regained.

Put your mind and body on autopilot and leave willpower behind!

By developing the habits that will naturally lead to your goal you will quickly, easily and automatically reach your desired goal!

This is because once you have established good habits, you no longer have to consciously ‘think’ about or motivate yourself to take action – you do it automatically.

Strategies that work!

For years I was a slave to addictive and destructive habits that were ruining my life.

In my quest for answers I began studying different strategies, techniques and theories in the areas of health, motivation, productivity and behaviour change.

The most exciting breakthrough I discovered was in the area of habits and how these near permanent actions can literally shape and change our lives.

Drawing on my background in Psychology, I spent countless hours researching the nature of habits and how they could be changed.

Using what I learned I was able to overcome many of these challenges and develop positive habits in the areas of health, diet, work and productivity.

Developing good habits in work and life has enabled me to become happier, healthier, more positive, motivated, more spiritually grounded and enabled me to take control of my life and destiny!
Now I would like to share with you step-by-step how you can also eliminate bad habits and develop good habits.
This easy to follow program contains proven strategies, tips and techniques on how to change your habits and ultimately change your life.

By applying these techniques you will be able to break free of bad habits, gain control of your life and get on the fast track towards whatever positive goals you desire.
Break bad habits, create good habits
Say “Hello” to the new you!

This program will show you how not only to overcome bad habits but to develop new positive habits that will help you achieve your biggest goals and live the life you always wanted.

It is a completely integrated approach, allowing you to draw on all your resources – mind, body, spirit & emotions – to achieve your desired result.

You will be re-programming your mind as well as dealing with external behaviour to ensure your new habit sticks and to prevent re-lapses. Bad habits will be dealt with finally and completely.

The program guides you through a step by step process for permanently eliminating your bad habit and acquiring a positive new one and is a complete handbook to affect personal change.

This program contains 150 pages of tools, systems and techniques you can use to overcome your habit including:

• Pinpoint habits you need to change or acquire
• Discover WHY you do your bad habit
• Understand the nature of habits and how they can be changed
• Be set free of the bondage of bad habits
• Discover your purpose
• Create a vision for your life
• Create powerful goals for your life
• Develop positive habits to achieve your goals ‘automatically’
• Learn how to visualise
• Discover and eliminate limiting beliefs
• Develop a positive self image and beliefs
• Build your motivation to take action and break free of your habit
• Overcome procrastination and perfectionism
• Discover proven strategies and techniques to break free of your habit
• Deal effectively with problem situations and people
• Create and successfully implement a plan for overcoming your specific habit
• Reprogram your mind for success
• Build faith and belief in yourself
• Record your progress
• Review and refine your plan
• Stay on track for achieving your goals
Don’t delay… Special price of only $9.95!!

Now is NOT the time to indulge your procrastination habit!

For a limited time this program is being offered at a special price of only $9.95!
It was sold for several years at $29.95 – at which price it was still a bargain!Investing in yourself and your future is one of the wisest investments you can make! It will pay you over and over in improved relationships, better finances, better health, wellbeing and all other areas of your life.Don’t delay… TAKE ACTION and change your habits now!
Break bad habits, create good habits
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you decide the program is not for you for any reason or if you do not believe the information in this program can change your life, we will happily provide you with a full refund of the purchase price.
You’ve got nothing to lose (except your bad habits!)


Don’t make me point out what will happen if you don’t deal with your bad habits….
You KNOW they will ruin your life if you let them.

Consider where you’ll be in 5 or 10 years time if you continue with your bad habit…DO NOT pass these negative habits onto your children and children’s children!
PLEASE do not procrastinate on this – your habits will NOT go away unless you take action NOW.

In fact, they will become even more deeply ingrained in your mind and body – the longer you keep them, the harder they will be to change.

Say NO to bad habits and YES to a future filled with positive habits, love, peace and joy.

You would be crazy to pass this up.
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