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         "7 Steps to Make or Break Habits"
                  Break Bad Habits & Develop Positive Habits
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Well it’s finally arrived! “7 Steps to Make or Break Habits” book & website is officially launched and online!

As many of you know I left my marketing job at the end of last year to pursue a dream of writing a book on habits and building a website.

As you can imagine, this was a big change with plenty of challenges. Not the least of all was giving up a full time salary..!

I have learnt a lot though and am pleased with the final product.

I firmly believe that by changing your habits, you literally can CHANGE YOUR LIFE. As you will learn in the book, habits are ‘permanent’ automatic actions we do each day.

By developing good habits, we no longer have to use willpower or motivate ourselves to do those actions we know we ‘should’ be doing e.g. exercising, eating healthily, being organised etc. Habits are an extremely useful way of achieving your goals – for example – if you want to write a book, develop the habit of writing for 1 hour each day. If you want to lose weight – develop the habits of healthy eating and exercise.

Bad habits have the opposite effect as they are negative actions we do each day and take us further AWAY from our good and goals. For example, eating junk food, smoking, procrastination – all impact our health, wellbeing, relationships, finances in a negative way.

Because habits are things we do every day, they have a powerful impact on the results we get in life. I’m sure we can all think of one (or many!) things that if we could get ourselves to do consistently or STOP doing, would have a huge positive impact on our lives and future.

Anyway, you can read more about this in the book!

Free Book Summary

I invite you to download the FREE book summary (35 pages) which should give you an excellent head start on learning about and changing your habits.

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Special Offer on Full Version of Book

The full version of the book is also available for purchase by clicking on the Buy Now link.

 Regular price is $29.95, however if you use the discount code “FRIEND” at checkout you will receive a 50% discount and the price will $14.95. The coupon code is valid until 31st October 2010. Spring is an excellent time to get a head start on your habits and goals for summer!

At this stage the book is only available in PDF format, however, I may look at publishing it as a regular book in coming months.
Break bad habits, create good habits

World Vision

Make or Break Habits proudly supports World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and injustice. 10% of sales go directly to World Vision.


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Thank you!

A big thank you for your support over the past year – I feel very blessed having such amazing friends and family in my life!

SPECIAL THANKS to Mum & Dad for doing copious amounts of proof reading for me and to Haidee & Emma for feedback and proof reading the
book summary.

Thanks to Rob for assisting with the website and to Ian for designing a fantastic book cover and website banner.

I will keep you posted with any further updates and I look forward to hearing any comments or feedback on the book.

Lots of love,
Michelle xoxo

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