7 Steps to Effective Study Habits

Good study habits can greatly determine your success with passing exams, earning a degree and completing assignments on time. By nature, habits are regular ‘automatic’ tasks so by turning study into a regular habit, you will take the pain and struggle out of trying to motivate yourself to study. This can greatly reduce the amount […]

Self Awareness Tips to Break Bad Habits

Self awareness is an important tool to help you break bad habits. After all… You can’t change something you’re not aware of! By nature, habits are performed without conscious awareness. It is therefore essential to first gain awareness around them. We did not consciously choose many of our habits but simply adopted the thoughts, beliefs […]

12 Tips for Breaking Bad Habits

Bad habits can be particularly destructive in our lives. They can cause us pain, frustration, embarrassment and anger. They waste our time, money, energy and ruin our health and relationships. One bad habit left unchecked, can negatively impact many areas of your life. Because habits are something we do ‘consistently’, these negative effects compound over […]

Why are Bad Habits so hard to break?

By our very nature, we are creatures of habit. 95% of our actions, thoughts and feelings are a result of habits. We generally follow the path of least resistance even if our behaviours are inefficient, unproductive or even harmful. To carry out behaviours, our brain sends messages to the rest of our body through the […]

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