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Make or Break Habits is committed to helping you understand how habits work in your life and providing you with tools to break free of negative habits and create positive new habits.

Make or Break Habits proudly supports World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organisation dedicated to tackling poverty and injustice. 10% of sales go directly to World Vision.

Make or Break Habits was created by Michelle Joseph who was struggling with many negative and destructive habits of her own such as poor eating habits, time management habits and work habits.

Michelle is frequently asked what led her to create the Make or Break Habits program. Michelle has tried to answer these questions below.
If you are facing any of the same challenges, take heart because this program is designed to specifically overcome these!

Challenge #1: My habits were out of control and ruining my life

I felt like I was out of control and helpless in many areas of my life. I felt like I couldn’t control myself, my eating habits, my time management habits and my work habits. As a result I had many bad habits I wanted to break.

I could clearly see that these destructive and addictive behaviours were ruining my life.

Challenge #2 Goals to achieve

I also had some big goals I wanted to achieve.I knew that in order to achieve my goals, I had to do the things consistently that would get me there. I knew that if I wanted to start a business, I had to work on business building activities! That if I wanted to be healthy, I had to eat healthy food! That if I wanted a great relationship with God, I had to be disciplined to spend time with God!

Despite this desire, getting myself to follow through on my resolutions was a problem and instead I seemed to keep repeating the same negative patterns over and over – rather than doing the things that would lead me closer towards my goals.

Challenge #3 Information overload!

The problem wasn’t too few answers – it was too many! We live in a society of information overload. There are thousands of books on every topic imaginable and millions of websites teaming with information. There is lots of great information out there on how to live better, love better, eat better, work better and play better but it was IMPLEMENTING the ideas I was having trouble with.

The saying that ‘knowledge is power’ is true ONLY if we have the ability to act upon it.

Perhaps you have experienced the same thing I did – attending a marvellous conference or seminar, then doing absolutely NOTHING with the information you were given…!

Taking responsibility…

I knew that I alone was responsible for any outcome I produced in my life and although it would have been less painful to blame circumstances, other people or God, I knew it wasn’t the truth. The law of sowing and reaping makes no exception for anyone and therefore I needed to sow positive thoughts and behaviours CONSISTENTLY to yield corresponding fruit.

I knew that changing my own thoughts and behaviours was the only way to change my outer circumstances in a lasting manner. I knew that changing them for a day or two wasn’t enough. I needed them to be permanently changed.

Searching for answers…

In my quest for answers I came across the concept of habits and discovered that these are the permanent ‘unconscious’ actions that make up 95% of our behaviour. 95%! No wonder I was struggling…

What really excited me though was that in as little as 21 days we can form new habits – no matter how long we’ve been running old negative ones! Therefore in order to change, I knew I needed to create new HABITS. New PERMANENT patterns of thought, belief and action that would overtake the old ones.

I quickly saw how this could literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE. In fact, I have come to believe that changing your habits is the ONLY way to change your life permanently because habits are permanent. Once off behaviours are not.

Digging deeper…

As I delved into this newfound knowledge I found it was not as easy as simply ‘deciding’ to change my habits and they would magically change. We are wired to resist change of any kind even when it’s in our best interests.

As a rookie Habit-changer I made every mistake in the book and despite my best plans and efforts – none of my habits would change! I then decided to get serious about this, research everything I could on the subject and find out what strategies REALLY worked. I could also see that what I was learning was POWERFUL and that anyone who has goals they want to achieve, habits they want to break or simply wants to live a better live would benefit from this.

I believed in it so much that I left my fulltime marketing job in order to write this book and share what I’ve learnt with you. It was not an easy task with all the bad habits I was dragging around I can tell you! Fortunately, I have now found an easier way to achieve my goals… Let my habits do the work for me :-)

I believe this program contains the most comprehensive information available on how to change habits and ultimately change your life. I have developed a process you can use whether you have bad habits you want to break or good habits you want to develop.

By applying these techniques you will be able to break bad habits and put your life on the fast track towards whatever positive goals you want to achieve.

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